For the common platform between the SDIS and the Samu, Nîmes Métropole ready to cede land to Saint-Césaire

For the common platform between the SDIS and the Samu, Nîmes Métropole ready to cede land to Saint-Césaire

Le directeur et le président du Sdis cherchent à acquérir à un terrain pour la plateforme commune 15-18. Midi Libre – Archive H. R.

Le président de l’Agglo Nîmes Métropole Franck Proust a évoqué la possible acquisition par le Sdis du Gard d’un terrain à Saint-Césaire.

At the opening of the community council on Wednesday June 26, the president of Nîmes Métropole Franck Proust mentioned the project of a common platform between the Codis (firefighters) and the Samu (the 15th) including the implementation in Saint -Césaire seems to be on the right track. A device that receives emergency calls from 18, 112 (350,000 per year) before directing them to the Samu, the police, the gendarmerie, and even, in certain departments, the general practitioners.

The structure thus works with center 15 of the Samu which justifies the intervention of the firefighters and decides the direction of the patients. "The reds and whites have finally come to an agreement and the management of Codis explained to us the importance of having such a center in the immediate vicinity of the CHU", recalled Franck Proust.

A fruitful lunch

About ten days ago, a lunch provided an opportunity to take stock between representatives of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service of Gard and the Agglo. On the menu: the acquisition of land belonging to Nîmes Métropole by the Department of Gard located in Saint-Césaire, near the emergency center and the Carémeau University Hospital.

Franck Proust, contacted by Sdis, looks favorably on this project: "The targeted land is the subject of ;rsquo;a temporary occupation authorization granted on behalf of the Agglo by the Occitanie Public Land Establishment. Our institution can only hear with kindness this week but must wait for the results of the development studies for Porte Ouest (near the Zac Marché station) to definitively act on the plan. operation."

Sdis Training Center

The president also sees a great opportunity to transfer the Sdis training center, located on Avenue Kennedy, to the rapidly developing airport platform, "to make it a real campus of establishments training, particularly in aeronautics and in connection with civil security and risk and crisis management". Questioned on this subject, the president of Sdis du Gard Alexandre Pissas appreciates the favorable position of Nîmes Métropole.

"The president of the Gard Departmental Council Françoise Laurent-Perrigot indicated that the community was ready to pay for this acquisition and to finance part of the construction of the building of this unique call center. Two lands are targeted near the Saint-Césaire rescue center. The Region is in demand and I was able to meet Claire Lapeyronie, director of the Occitanie land establishment. Franck Proust was hesitant about the transfer because of the Zan (net artificialization zone) but these comments to the community council reassure me", indicates Alexandre Pissas.

The latter remembers his mission entrusted in 2015 by the Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve. Which allowed him to visit several unique call centers in Ardèche, in the Var and especially in Haute-Savoie: "This last center  ;m’had impressed. Then, on October 6, 2017, President Macron received the prefects and presidents of Sdis. He gave the main axes: volunteering to be developed and the establishment of a platform with the police and gendarmerie. […] The Codis CTA can no longer be where it is." The file could thus experience an acceleration.

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