For the new series on TV channel “Ukraine” took two 7-ton truck of antique furniture

The series premiere will take place on may 9 at 9:00

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The series premiere of “Alien life” may 9 on the TV channel “Ukraine”

On the TV channel “Ukraine” on may 9 at 9:00 will premiere the 12-part Saga of love “another life”. The story takes place during the dramatic 16 years – from 1939 to 1955. To recreate on screen the events of those times, the crew of Star Media had to work hard, because a movie props brought from another continent.

The shooting of “Alien life” was held in Kiev, Kiev and Chernigov regions, and lasted about six months. On the screen of the entrance to the national art Museum of Ukraine will become the front door of the theater, where one of the heroines of the series. Also, viewers will see how one of the most beautiful buildings in the capital Kiev theatre of Opera and ballet for children looked almost 100 years ago.

Special task – to transfer on the screen the events and atmosphere of the 80-year – old stood in front of the art Director of the series. For the decoration of the apartments of the main characters needed two semitones truck of antique furniture.

“We have built quite a large and complex decorations, that’s six residential apartments, not a Studio, mind you, plus the military. Of course, to furnish this area, you need a huge amount of furniture of the time and props that will highlight and set off the character of our heroes,” – said the artistic Director Larisa veins.

Для нового сериала на телеканале "Украина" понадобилось два 7-тонных грузовика антикварной мебели

The premiere of the television series “Alien life” will be held may 9

For example, the on-screen heroine Olesia Fattahova actress Luba – the room should be very beautiful dressing table. Pauline, played by Ekaterina Astakhova, sewing at home, she searched for a sewing machine “singer”. Some props to find in Ukraine failed – had to order from America.

“My heroine, Pauline – an ordinary girl of the time with certain talents. It sews. Besides, she’s got great taste. I loved her outfits. I love history, I’m a big dreamer, immersed in it all and believe that in the given circumstances. My Pauline was such a beautiful skirt with high waist, voluminous hips. These can be easily put on and today”, – said Ekaterina Astakhova.

The film also starred actors Sergey Strelnikov, Ilya Malak, Dmitry Saransk, Dmitry Sova, Alexander Hooks, Vera bard, Yuri Shlykov, Svetlana Selby, Oleg Fomin, Anna Vasilyeva, Alexander Poolguy, Lyudmila Zagorskaya, Oksana Zhdanova, Alexander Suvorov, Valery Shvets.

Для нового сериала на телеканале "Украина" понадобилось два 7-тонных грузовика антикварной мебели

“Another life”

Director – Oleg Fomin, operator-producer of the film – Andrew Joseph. Script writers – Alan Khurumov, Leonora Paschenko, Maxim Mekheda, with the participation of Igor Shvetsov. The production of 12 series of paintings involved in the company Star Media.

The show’s main characters – the son of the Director of a large plant Victor, orphanages Sergey, modest SHOPGIRL Polina and bright actress Love. One survived in a concentration camp, but forced to live under an assumed name. The second was a war hero, but is forced to lie to your wife to avoid losing it. Both women have to hide their past love to find a place in the present. Their fates are intertwined in order to show the best and worst human traits.

In addition, on may 9, the victory Day over Nazism in the Second world war, news “Today” on TV channel “Ukraine” is prepared fresh maintenance releases of the Kiev Studio and studios in Berlin at the Brandenburg gate and the Bundestag .

Journalists will show, how now looks and lives than the Kaliningrad – Soviet trophy WWII. Still in the air “Today” – creepy facts about the place that still causes fear – the Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald, and an exclusive interview with a former prisoner of the concentration camp. Specially for Day of Victory “Today” prepare three large-scale special, which will air may 9 at 10:00, 15:00 and 19:00 h in parallel will lead from capital studios and a specially-equipped Studio in Berlin.

“On the eve of the victory Day over Nazism in the Second world war Oleg Panuta with the team to Berlin. May 9 news release at 10:00 he will lead at the Brandenburg gate, the release at 15:00 and 19:00 – in front of the Bundestag. In the Kiev Studio in the morning, the audience is waiting for Marina Kuchar, afternoon and evening – Igor Pupkov. On direct communication with Studio “Today,” will Washington and Paris. Our journalists will visit in Kaliningrad, Russia, to show how it looks now, the former Koenigsberg, to which Russia turned the Soviet trophy – the pearl of East Prussia”, – said the Director of the Directorate of informational broadcasting, editor in chief of TV channel “Ukraine” Yuriy Sugak .

The team of “Today” tracked down the centenarian veterans of the Second world war, visited Yad Vashem – the Holocaust Museum; learned why the relatives of dead soldiers and Ostarbeiters did not receive their letters 70 years; took an exclusive interview with former prisoner of the Nazi concentration camp of Buchenwald. The specials may 9, the audience will hear about the tragedy of Dunkirk, the victims of Buchenwald, the story of the family of the righteous, who saved 40 Jews, and see how now restore historic monuments during the Second world war.

All the details, see the special editions of “Today” on may 9 at 10:00, 15:00 and 19:00.

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