For the SOM Millau players it’s victory singing and qualification for the 16th finals

For the SOM Millau players it’s victory singing and qualification for the 16th finals

Les Millavois peuvent se préparer à un printemps à rallonge avec les phases finales. MIDI LIBRE

Malgré un ultime revers ce dimanche à Prades, les Millavois terminent dauphins. Ce qui leur permet une qualification directe en 16es de finale (le 12 mai) et un match retour à domicile une semaine plus tard.

Everything is rolling in Millau! And it is not this last setback (27-20) suffered yesterday in Prades, only the fifth of the exercise, which will darken the picture of a regular phase combined with almost perfect. Because the 22 duels thus end in a second place in the group giving the right to direct qualification and the reception of the second leg of the round of 16, without obviously going through the play-off box.
Bourges or Villefranche-de-L. in the 16th before an Aveyron duel for the climb ?

This barrage which animated, at the same time as the last celebrations for several of their male executives, a Prades team which yesterday had to give everything to receive it. Opposite, the Aveyronnais also knew that with a defensive bonus point (which they brought back, even if they ultimately did not need it), they certified their direct access.

The result of the work accomplished

Firstly in front of the scoreboard as in the intentions, Baptiste Majorel's gang led the debates. Before being attacked by the PO guys, including four attempts taken in less than 20 minutes after the break. Whatever. The result of all the work accomplished is here: on May 12, the coach and his flock will challenge the winner of the play-off match between Bourges (3rd) and Villefranche-de-Lauragais (6th) at home. Before receiving it a week later at the sports park.

A table of final phases which also predicts, if we get ahead – with all the tweezers that this supposes –, a potential 8th final first leg – return (May 26, June 2) granting its winner a place in Fédérale 1 possibly contested between Aveyronnais, facing Decazeville! For that, the Sporting guys will still have to do better than Som yesterday, erasing Prades in the play-off in 15 days before then dismissing their group leader Sarlat in the 16th round.

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