For Trump, the balance sheet of the Covid-19 could reach up to 150 000 deaths in the United States

Pour Trump, le bilan de la Covid-19 pourrait atteindre 150 000 morts aux √Čtats-Unis

NEW YORK | The balance sheet of the pandemic of sars coronavirus in the United States could exceed the threshold of 150 000 people, compared with 120 000 victims so far, said Monday the u.s. president Donald Trump.

The current balance sheet is “probably 115 – (115 000), but it could go a little bit above, up to 150 (150 000), or even beyond, but we would have lost 2 to 4 million lives” if the country had not taken measures to slow the spread of the virus, said Donald Trump in an interview to the network of cable channels, Spectrum News.

The american president was referring to the model of the Imperial College of London, who announced in mid-march, a record as possible of the 2.2 million deaths in the United States if no action is taken.

According to the Johns Hopkins university, in which reference is made in the material, the balance of the coronavirus in the United States was Monday, 120 000 dead.

“We have done a good job and now, we put the country on feet “, said the head of the State, during an interview at the White House.

When asked about the opportunity to organise new meetings campaign, while several States in the South and the west of the country are experiencing an outbreak of new cases of COVID-19, Donald Trump has ensured that the safety was not overlooked.

“We are always concerned about security,” he said. “We want to get rid of this thing. “

The american president must travel to Phoenix on Tuesday for a speech aimed at young supporters, even if it is not formally a meeting of the campaign.

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