For Washington, drinking rum and cuban cigars to finance “dictatorship”

Pour Washington, consommer rhum et cigares cubains finance la «dictature»

The United States warned this week against the consumption of rum and cuban cigars, two iconic products of the island that contribute to finance the “dictatorship” of the communist regime.

“The economy castroist depends on the theft of private property and the repression of the people. The rum and the cigars produced by the regime are luxuries that are not worth the human cost,” wrote Monday on Twitter, the main u.s. diplomat for Latin America, Michael Kozak.

“Worth the price?”, asked it also on the photo of a cigar accompanying his message, written in both English and Spanish.

The diplomat insisted Tuesday with a second tweet shown this time a glass of rum and an injunction to “drink with moderation”.

“The castro regime has not aged well”, he wrote, again in both languages. “The cuban rum was legendary before the regime the steals to fund its repression”.

“Every bottle sold can now keep them longer in power, the cuban dictatorship”, he added. “Do you enjoy it as much as ever your mojito?”

Neither the rum nor the cuban cigars, the traditional engine of the economy of the country, cannot legally enter the United States, which maintains since 1962, an embargo on the island.

Relations between Washington and Havana have considerably cooled since the arrival at the White House to Donald Trump, after the reconciliation, initiated by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

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