Forbes named the city with the highest number of rich people

Forbes назвал города с наибольшим числом богачей

What cities choose rich.People, whose fortune is estimated at a total of ten digits, can live where they want. As it turns out, many of them prefer the same city, reports the with reference to Forbes.

In the ranking of the richest people in the world in 2019 according to Forbes entered 2153 man. In this case 551 of them live in only ten of the 1860 cities of the world. The combined wealth of billionaires residing in this relatively small list of cities is $2.3 trillion. Only seven countries in the world can boast of a GDP in excess of this amount.

10. Mumbai, the Number of billionaires: 37 (-8 2018)Total state: $184.4 meltsmy rich man: the owner of the holding company Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani, $50 billion

Mumbai is the most expensive house in the world: a 27-story Palace of Mukesh Ambani $1 billion was held Here one of the most luxurious and expensive weddings in history – December 2018 Ambani staged a week-long celebration for my daughter Ishi, and the son of another Indian billionaire Ajay Piramal.

Forbes назвал города с наибольшим числом богачей

9. Seoul, the Number of billionaires: 38 (-3 2018)Total state: $99.9 meltsmy rich man: the head of Samsung Lee kun-Hee, $16.9 billion

Almost all the billionaires in South Korea live in the capital. Only one Korean billionaire doesn’t live in Seoul. All the billionaires living in the largest city of South Korea, are citizens of this country. The richest inhabitants of Seoul run by large companies, for example, the world-famous conglomerates Samsung and Hyundai. In addition, South Korea is the fourth largest online games market. According to the Internet portal Newzoo, revenues of the market is over $5.7 billion Thanks to the online games market in Seoul there are five billionaires, including the Creator of the popular game Maple Story Kim Jung Joo.

Forbes назвал города с наибольшим числом богачей

8. Shenzhen, the Number of billionaires: 39 (-5 2018)Total state: $190, 5 meltsmy rich man: CEO of Tencent MA Huatan, $38.8 billion

In the course of economic reforms in China in the 1980-ies created in Shenzhen “special economic zone”. The city is located on the border with Hong Kong, became the most important economic and tourist center. Every billionaire from Shenzhen earned their own status. So, for example, Hu Tszyaina, occupying second place among the richest residents of the city, he worked for ten years at the factory before founding one of the most successful real estate companies in China. But Wang Tao, the world’s first billionaire who earned his fortune through multicopters, launched your startup right in the Dorm room. Wang Tao became a billionaire with his investor and marketing Director in 2016. Both currently reside in Shenzhen.

Forbes назвал города с наибольшим числом богачей

7. San Francisco, the Number of billionaires: 42 (+8 from 2018)Total state: $109.2 meltsmy rich man: Facebook co-founder Dustin moskovitz, $11.1 billion

San Francisco – the heart of the American technological revolution and the city, which is home to the founders of Uber, Airbnb and Pinterest. Due to the influx of technology companies San Francisco became the most expensive city in the United States. In the Bay area of San Francisco, in the city and other neighboring towns live 82 of a billionaire – was still less than in new York. In 2018 one of the founders of PayPal and an ardent supporter of Donald trump, Peter Thiel had moved to Los Angeles. It is reported that the reason for this was the political diversity of the capital of the American film industry.

Forbes назвал города с наибольшим числом богачей

6. Shanghai, the Number of billionaires: 45 (-5 2018)Total state: $110.7 meltsmy rich man: the Creator of e-Commerce services Colin Juan, $13.5 billion

Thanks to the development of global e-Commerce market growing status of these businessmen, Colin Huang, Creator of the online store Pinduoduо. In Shanghai, the largest port city in the world located four large companies for the delivery of parcels, each of which boasts a couple of billionaires. For example, the company Yunda Express was founded by a rich couple to Shanghai: the combined wealth of the spouses is Not Tenure and Chen liying is $5.1 billion

Forbes назвал города с наибольшим числом богачей

5. LondonNumber of billionaires: 55Совокупное state: $226 meltsmy rich man: the founder of the Russian company “Alfa Group” Mikhail Fridman, $15 billion

In London there are more five star hotels than any other city in the world. London is considered the Mecca for the richest people. Of the 55 billionaires living in the capital of the United Kingdom, only 20 are its citizens. The remaining 35 billionaires moved to London from 23 countries, including India, Iceland and Russia. Five billionaires, including two of the heir to a furniture Empire Ikea, moved from Sweden, which is known for high taxes. Four billionaire moved to London from Russia, including the richest woman of Russia Elena Baturina, whose husband Yuri Luzhkov was dismissed as mayor of Moscow in 2010. By the way, despite the fact that the head of Chicago hedge Fund Citadel, Kenneth Griffin officially does not live in London this January the American investor bought a house for $122 million in a ten minute walk from Buckingham Palace.

Forbes назвал города с наибольшим числом богачей

4. Beijing, the Number of billionaires: 61 (-3 2018)Total state: $193.3 meltsmy rich man: developer of commercial real estate Wang Jianlin, to $22.6 billion

In Beijing, home to two of the youngest billionaires of China who became rich thanks to the Internet: the 33-year-old founder of the Chinese mining company Jihan Wu and 35-year-old Director ByteDance Zhang min. By popular app Tik Tok Zhang min only for the year rose from 13th to 2nd place in the ranking of the richest people in Beijing. To date, the market capitalization of his company is $75 billion In rating it ahead of only Wang Jianlin, who made his fortune in the sale and construction of real estate. In the capital of China is home to 17 billionaires who got rich thanks to the technological companies and 12 billionaires who have earned a fortune selling real estate. Technology and real estate is the most popular spheres of activity among the Beijing billionaires.

Forbes назвал города с наибольшим числом богачей

3. MoscowNumber of billionaires: 71 (-6 2018)Total state: $336,5 of meltsmy rich man: a shareholder in NOVATEK and SIBUR to Leonid Mikhelson, $24 billion

Approximately 80% of Russian billionaires live in Moscow. In the largest populous Russian city is also home to five billionaires, against which the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions in April 2018. They include Oleg Deripaska, who is suspected of meddling in the American elections, Viktor Vekselberg, who met with a private lawyer, Donald trump, Michael Cohen, Deputy of the State Duma Andrey Skoch, and Arkady Rotenberg, who in his youth was engaged in judo in one section with Vladimir Putin, and Senator Suleiman Kerimov. Earlier, the French government accused the Russian of “the great Gatsby” (as called Kerimov), money laundering and tax evasion. However, in June all charges against Kerimov has been withdrawn.

Forbes назвал города с наибольшим числом богачей

2. Hong KongNumber of billionaires: 79 (+2, 2018)Total state: $355,5 of meltsmy rich man: the founder of conglomerate Cheung Kong Group Li Kashin, $31.7 billion

Since the global economic crisis due to the strict government policies, housing prices in Hong Kong have quadrupled. Thus, developers Do Shawki and Peter Wu earned their fortunes thanks to the fast growing market. 29 Hong Kong billionaires (and half of the top ten richest people in Hong Kong) believe the property is his main source of income. But soon the situation will change. According to research company Citigroup, 57% of Hong Kong people expect the fall in housing prices in 2019.

Forbes назвал города с наибольшим числом богачей

1. New YorkNumber of billionaires: 84 (+1 from 2018)Total state: $469,7 of meltsmy rich man: the owner of the information Agency Michael Bloomberg, $55.5 billion

Some billionaires from new York born and raised in the largest city of the United States. This includes the heir to the cosmetic Empire Estee Lauder, Ronald Lauder, CEO of JPMorgan Chase James Dimon and founder of investment firm Highbridge Capital Management, Henry Swieca. James Dimon and Henry Swieca also among the 40 billionaires in new York who earned a fortune in the financial industry. The richest of these is considered to be 40 billionaires Carl Icahn, one of the few managers of hedge funds, which managed to earn heavy from a financial point of view 2018. And despite the fact that the most well-known city developer Donald trump currently resides in the White house, in new York settled 17 other billionaires involved in the sale and rental of housing. For example, born in new York, billionaire Steven Roth, founder of Vornado, which owns 70% of a skyscraper trump on Avenue of the Americas, 1290. But, as in the case of London, the most expensive house in the city, located in Central new York, near Central Park, belongs to the investor Ken Griffin, who bought this penthouse for $238 million Sam Griffin lives in Chicago.

Forbes назвал города с наибольшим числом богачей


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