Forbes withdraws its title as the billionaire to Kylie Jenner, who was accused of having lied

Forbes retire son titre de milliardaire à Kylie Jenner, accusée d’avoir menti

The american magazine Forbes, which had sacred Kylie Jenner billionaire last year, has withdrawn this title to be the youngest of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, is accused of having lied about his wealth, what challenges the interested.

As early as July 2018, Forbes had put in A the young woman, who was only 21 years old, stating that she was en route to becoming the youngest billionaire in history, excluding the heirs.

In march 2019, the magazine specialized in the assessment of the fortune of the celebrities confirmed his own prediction and intronisait the little princess of the cosmetics in the club’s fortunes with 10 digits and more.

The statement has seemed validated by the announcement of the acquisition, in November 2019, of 51% of the shares of the company of Kylie Jenner to 600 million dollars by the giant of the cosmetics, Coty.

Out of the earth at the end of 2015, the brand Kylie Cosmetics was regarded as a phenomenon, capable of generating, according to the company, approximately $ 420 million in sales in just 18 months.

Sold almost exclusively on the internet, the cosmetic products of the brand were supported by the popularity of Kylie Jenner on social networks, including 178 million followers on Instagram today.

Its flagship product, the lipstick for a Lip Kit, if ripped, worn by the star herself, who confessed, in 2015, have been receiving injections to increase the size of his lips.

But on the basis of the financial information published by Coty since its investment, Forbes has revised its estimates and believes that the turnover in 2018 would correspond to the approximately one-third of the amount given by Kylie Jenner.

The magazine also accuses the young woman and her mother, Kris, great organizing of the family Kardashian-Jenner, for having produced the tax returns have been falsified to give the company an image more attractive than the reality.

According to Forbes, Kris and Kylie would have led a campaign of several months to get the magazine, put it in A, left to swell the revenues of his company.

On Friday, Kylie Jenner has denounced, on his Twitter account, the “incorrect statements” and “assertions without proof” made, according to it, by the magazine.

She also denied having campaigned for it to appear in Forbes, who believes, however, still his fortune to a little less than $ 900 million.

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