Forced to close the family business after 44 years of operation

Contraint de fermer le commerce familial après 44 ans d’opération

The COVID-19 has made many victims among the small traders who, stifled by debt, are forced to put the key in the door for good. This is the case of the Shop Maizan from the place Versailles, Montreal, which will remain closed while the shopping malls in the Greater Montreal area will open as soon as Friday.

In debt, the co-owner, Normand Vachon, had no other choice but to permanently close the trade, for 44 years, provided shoes and apparel for dance, gymnastics and cheerleading to the followers of these activities.

“It needs about $ 35,000 in rent and credit card,” explained Mr. Vachon, in an interview with TVA News.

Last January, he had ordered the necessary equipment to meet the increased demand in the month of August, which coincides with the resumption of activities such as dance and gymnastics.

The pandemic of the COVID-19 has then forced the closure of the trade in march, since it was no longer cost-effective.

“In mid-march, we sold 20-25 $ per day, and the seller’s cost us 150 $”, told the co-owner.

The grant

Although the government of Justin Trudeau has announced measures to support SMES, such as that of Mr. Vachon, these are insufficient or overly restrictive criteria, according to the last.

For Normand Vachon, the biggest problem came from the fact that the sums awarded by the government is only allowed to pay new bills.

“The 40 000 $ that he lent, this was for the bills in the future, he mentioned. But in January, when it was ordered for the schools of dance, for the months of June, July.”

As his trade was closed, the co-owner of the shop Maizan has not been able to sell his goods. He is now stuck with it, he has piled up in his garage.

The latter would like to see governments, provincial and federal, to find a solution to help small businesses like hers that don’t meet the criteria of the financial assistance programs and who may be at risk of closure.

After that four generations have worked at the shop Maizan, it is now the end of the adventure for the family Vachon. “It was our pension fund. All is lost full”, if is sorry Normand Vachon.

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