Ford has announced a competitor Tesla Model Y

Ford анонсировал конкурента Tesla Model Y

The future electric Mustang.American manufacturer Ford has released a teaser the future electric Mustang, designed to compete with the Tesla Model Y, reports the with reference on

Talking to CNBC, the unnamed head of Ford said that the image was published in connection with the launch of the Tesla Model Y, and reiterated the big plans concerning Ford electric cars. The company has not released many details about the long-awaited model, while the teaser made him look at the rear lights in the style of the Mustang and the front of the vehicle.

As indicated by recent reports, the range of the crossover Ford with zero emissions will be at least 300 miles (482 kilometers), which exceeds the capabilities of the Tesla Model X 100D with a range of 295 miles (474 kilometers). It is unclear how large will the car, and whether it will be positioned as a serious contender Model X.

Remember, Ford originally did not plan to create an environmentally friendly model, arguing that they will not be able to provide the appropriate level of performance. Now started with the development, the company said that electric models can become truly spectacular.

Ford анонсировал конкурента Tesla Model Y

Ford анонсировал конкурента Tesla Model Y


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