Foreign students are afraid to miss their re-entry

Des étudiants étrangers craignent de manquer leur rentrée

With the approach of the new school year, many international students fear of not being able to go to class in September due to delays in the granting of documents.

Arrived at Quebec in the month of January with his family, the French Erwann Arensma, 17 years, wishes to go on training for adults at the Centre Louis-Jolliet in Quebec city in three weeks.

However, it lacks an essential document, study permit, that Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) was slow to send him.

“[His case] does not advance. There is nothing going on. The back approach, and without a study permit, it’s not going to school, it can not work no more”, is worried about his mother, Gwenaelle Arensma.

However, the family Arensma, which says it does not have been new to IRCC for weeks, has started the process in the month of February.

According to the Arensma, it is not only the COVID-19 who is to blame for this delay; there is red tape, according to them.

“It’s just a PDF document by e-mail. One expects it”, shows the mother of the teenager.

Not unique

The case of Erwann is far from unique. Several foreign students in Canada are in the same situation.

“It really is a waiting hell, it is very difficult not to know what will happen” drops Agathe Dessaux, French student registered in the textile construction program of the cégep du Vieux-Montréal.

Without a study permit, the young woman is afraid of not being able to enter school in the fall, she has left everything behind to come study in Québec.

“What we would really like, is that they manage to establish a treatment time of folder” wishes for his part, Jonathan Pierron, candidate for the master’s degree in microbiology at Université Laval, master’s, he resigned himself to abandon if he does not obtain the documentation in time.

Because of the COVID?

For its part, IRCC claims not to be able to provide more details on the processing of requests in progress.

“Because of the interruptions related to the COVID-19, we are not able to provide processing times are accurate”, could we play Thursday on the page Facebook of the government agency.

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