Forest fires : the smoke felt up to Montreal

Feux de forêt : la fumée ressentie jusqu’à Montréal

The forest fires that are raging in Québec bother to Montréal, where the particle concentration has reached a threshold of “high” on Sunday morning.

According to Environment Canada, the smoke from the region of Kamouraska, Bas-Saint-Laurent, where to burn a peat bog and a forest, sailed up the St. Lawrence valley this morning.

In its wake, the cloud of particles has sparked smog alerts in particular in the Capitale-Nationale, in the Beauce region, in Mauricie, in the Lanaudière, Montérégie and the greater Montreal area.

In the metropolis, a threshold of 148 micrograms per cubic metre of the particles was measured this morning. It is considered that the quality is poor above 35 micrograms, advises the meteorologist Frederick Boulay.

A lot of smoke

However, in the morning, it was anticipated that this situation would improve after a change in wind direction and an increase in temperatures.

In Rivière-Ouelle, Bas-Saint-Laurent, 326 hectares of forest were burned. The area of the fire has doubled, Saturday. However, his progress has been stopped temporarily and it is considered that the blaze is “content”. However, it is not excluded that winds the spark this afternoon.

“What we must understand is that a bog, it made a lot of smoke. This fire-there will produce smoke for several more days. It really is the fuel of a peat-bog burning,” explains Mélanie Morin, officer, prevention, and communications for the Sopfeu.

The minister Dufour notes the damage

In the Lac-Saint-Jean, the minister responsible for this region, Andrée Laforest, and the minister of Forests, Wildlife, and Parks, Pierre Dufour, visited the headquarters of the Sopfeu to Roberval, then go on a helicopter ride over the important fire that raged in the area of the Chute-des-Passes.

The forest fire, although still out of control, has increased less quickly in the last few hours. Its dimension is increased from 58 489 acres Saturday morning at 62 396 acres Sunday morning, when she had almost doubled from Friday to Saturday.

This can be explained by winds down, the relative humidity is on the rise, and some attacks localized to the Sopfeu. Moreover, by Tuesday, the reinforcements of the Ontario and Alberta are expected to get the number of fire fighters forest currently 75 to nearly 200.

“We can say that it is good, in the sense that, perhaps, the weather forecast will enable us to work a little more on the fire. The relative humidity started to increase, so the fire could be less aggressive, if it does not change. […] We begin to be able to go for a walk and to intervene on certain sectors”, explains the spokesperson of the Sopfeu, Josée Poitras.

However, a forest fire is unpredictable in nature, she says. “You never know. If the weather forecasts are not, the fire could resume growth”, and leaves it hear.

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