Forests ravaged

Des forêts ravagées

Flame unpredictable, thick smoke, and a pungent odour and irritating transported over tens of kilometers. Saturday, forest fires have fuelled fears of owners in addition to inconvenience many residents, particularly in the area Chute-des-Passes in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and Kamouraska in the Bas-Saint-Laurent.


Flames and smoke painted the sky near the lake Pamouscachiou, connected to the lake Pipmuacan.

The large fire north of lac Saint-Jean has doubled its size in 24 hours.

With a surveillance camera which he could access it remotely, Frédéric Waltzing attended the progress of the flames around his family cottage, located a few kilometers from the dam Péribonka, Lac-Saint-Jean. The building seems to have been miraculously spared by the fire.


Tanks are directly filled in the river Ouelle, to water the agricultural fields located in the path of the fire.

The burning of bog in Rivière-Ouelle gives much trouble to the authorities who continued to fight on Saturday.

Almost everywhere in Quebec

All the red areas have a level of “extreme” risk of fire, according to the Society for the protection of forests against fire.

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