Forever young! Beauty secrets 72-year-old Sofia Rotaru

Today his birthday celebrates the iconic singer

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Вечно молодая! Секреты красоты 72-летней Софии Ротару

Sofia Rotaru

Today, 7 August, his 72nd birthday of the famous Soviet and Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru. Looking at her photos, it’s hard to believe the real age of the singer, because she looks much younger. If you compare Sofia Mikhailovna, now and in his youth, the difference is almost impossible.

As noted the anniversary of Sofia Rotaru – watch the video:

Many fans aspire to such appearance, as a 72-year-old Sofia Rotaru, therefore, the most popular query in the Internet her beauty secrets. How she manages at this age to feel good and keep fit, the singer talks.

Secrets of beauty of Sophia Rotaru

1. Surprisingly, but the singer is confident that work on the land contributes to good physical condition. She has a dacha near Yalta, where the star itself grows onions and tomatoes. Work in the garden for Sofia Mikhailovna is the best method of psychotherapy.

2. Of course, Rotaru watches his diet – trying not to overeat, does not use salt and eat plenty of vegetables. The main rule, which for many years, adheres to the artist – do not eat after six in the evening.

3. The home of celebrity-equipped gym, which she does daily. Level of activity depends on the health of Sofia Mikhailovna.

4. If the star is gaining weight, then immediately sits on his favorite diet, three days of boiled rice without salt, then three days of vegetables in any form, and the last three days only fruits.

5. Sofia Rotaru uses mineral water is not only intended, but also washes it. Before the procedure the artist cools the water in the fridge for maximum effect.

6. Healthy sleep another beauty secret of Sophia Mikhailovna. She loves to fall asleep to classical music:

“When you fall asleep to Mozart or Vivaldi, for 4-5 hours of sleep do you have time not only to sleep but also to relax, as though you had slept a full 12 hours”

7. Does not deny the 72-year-old singer that she resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. However, it warns that we need to be careful and if independently it is impossible to maintain the beauty, then you can turn to professionals.

8. But the most important for rotary to be in harmony with itself and does not conceal evil in the soul.

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