Forged ring shattered the desire of the girl to get married

The groom did not buy an engagement ring with a real diamond

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Поддельное кольцо пошатнуло желание девушки выходить замуж

The woman was advised to break the engagement over fake rings

The author of the column in an American newspaper the Pittsburgh Post Gazette does Bencivenga advised the reader to leave with a suitor who did not buy an engagement ring with a real diamond, reports the Daily Mirror.

Woman who turned to her for help, told, found out about the deception by accident. She took the engagement ring to the jeweler to insure it. He looked at the stone and declared that it was not a diamond and cubic Zirconia is a synthetic material often used to imitate precious stones.

“When I asked the groom, he only shrugged, she writes. — According to him, the ring with a real diamond this size would cost a fortune, and what does it matter”. He added that her friends still did not notice.

Bencivenga believes that the attempt to hide the forgery is a serious problem. “I would not like to associate life with the man who so willingly lies to make my life easier — she wrote in response. — What else could be false? I would think things over, what to do next.”

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