Forget Trump ? Not so fast…

Oublier Trump ? Pas si vite...

January 20, 2021. After a victory in November, the 46th president Joe Biden standing in front of the chief justice of the supreme Court John Roberts, the hand on the Bible.

Just as the oath ended, Biden announced that in February, we will begin a large campaign of vaccination against the COVID-19. Donald Trump share to Mar-A-Lago, where he will continue to clamor loudly against the deep State between two rounds of golf.

“Back to normalcy “, back to normal ? Not so fast. For amazing as it was, the victory of Donald Trump in 2016 was not only legitimate, it also gave a voice to so many voters dissatisfied with the federal politicians.

The victory of the forgotten

Worried and angry, millions of Americans perceive the billionaire as the hero that will lead to profound changes. They know the through the man, but they rely on its independence and its non-conformist approach to shake up the established order.

Who are these voters ? A heterogeneous mix of citizens of rural areas, of workers, of Whites shaken up by the rapidly changing demographics of the country as well as the reformists who hesitated between the promises of Bernie Sanders and those of the republican candidate.

If Donald Trump and his team have been able to harness the social networks and that the man is a master of the art of political spectacle, the billionaire has won because he has succeeded where Hillary failed : to listen, attend and speak to those that the system is too often forgotten.

I remember

Is regularly the racism of some supporters of the president, but if some of the attitudes are despicable and condemnable, they are not the exclusive preserve of the majority of voters who favor Donald Trump.

In the event of a victory for democrat, we already know that the more progressive will be heard. However, the conditions which have allowed the victory of 2016, are still present. Hunt Trump is desirable, but “I remember” should be the motto of Joe Biden.

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