Forgotten abroad: ready to go down there if Canada can bring his pregnant wife

Oubliés à l’étranger: prêt à partir là-bas si le Canada ne peut ramener sa femme enceinte

Worried for his pregnant wife trapped in Morocco, a Montrealer is planning to take a flight to Casablanca, and left to throw him also into the mouth of the wolf staying taken to be 3500 miles away from home.

“A job, I’ll be able to find another job, the birth of my first child, I will never be able to relive it. I don’t want my wife to be alone out there. When we return, it will be all three, ” says Youssef Loutfi about his reflection.

No medical follow-up

The man feared that his wife is six months pregnant now, gave birth prematurely and does not want to abandon it, especially as she had no medical follow-up since its arrival in Morocco.

“With all this stress, I am afraid she does not give birth before the expected date in September. It is urgent that she return to the house, ” insisted Mr Loutfi.

The latter does not understand why Ottawa has stopped its effort of repatriation after the three flights of march, on which his spouse has not been able to find a ticket.

“Why bring in a part of the people, but not everyone ? Why when the virus is quiet, we stop the efforts ? One only wants these people to go home, ” says Youssef Loutfi.

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