Forgotten abroad: their doberman not accepted on board

Oubliés à l’étranger: leur doberman pas accepté à bord

A family of six people taken in Mexico can never return to the country because of their small dog whose breed is not accepted by several airlines.

“[Cop] is a pinscher doberman dwarf, says Bernadette Proulx, dismissed. They refused to make us take the plane because of the breed of the dog, a small dog that weighs only 11 lb in its cage. “

Since mid-march, the grand-mum of 70 years, tries by all means to bring her family of six to a good port.

She and her husband lived in the south since the end of November on the recommendation of the pulmonologist of the latter.

On sick leave, their son, who lives with them joined the trip with his wife and two daughters of 14 and 19 years old.

Impossible to find a flight

Despite the calls multiplied to the various airlines and the embassy, it’s impossible to find a flight that fits their needs.

“The only one that would accept the dog, it was Air Canada and it did not send the flights. One asked the other to make an exception, since this is not a large dog and he can’t hurt himself in his cage, but they wanted nothing to know “, recalls she, ” tanned “.

On 17 march, she explained, have made representations with the initial company, InterJet, to get ahead of their return, but they refused, despite the additional costs paid to be able to change the date back to the need.

“It is your responsibility to take flight “, said a lady at the embassy.

After several hours on the phone, she finally got a flight for the whole family with InterJet for the 1st of may.

“Pandemonium “

However, two days before the departure, the septuagenarian has realized that the flight was canceled by calling the airport to confirm.

“We had no news of InterJet, and as it was in Playa Del Carmen, which is an hour drive from Cancun, I wanted to be sure that the flight did indeed take place before we move, says Ms. Proulx. It has been a challenge to find a new home. ”

By chance, Quebecers have agreed to host it for free in a condo that belonged to them. Since, it is impossible to book a flight without running the risk of not obtaining credits in the event of cancellation.

“Systematically, all the Air Canada flights are cancelled. They take our money, they cancel the flights, and then they give us a credit. Six people, each time, it is money. Of 3000 $, I can’t invent it ! ” be angry, she says.

If Air Canada has resumed its flights between Toronto and Mexico at the beginning of the month of June, the family dare not always not book a six-seater to more than $ 1000 each, by the fear of flights to be canceled again.

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