Former bachelor Dobrynin could not resist and was beaten favorite in the ring: “let off steam”

Экс-холостяк Добрынин не сдержался и поколотил любимую на ринге: "Выпустил пар"

Dobrynin and Kvitkova, photos Іnstagram

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Known couple of participants show “the Bachelor 9” talked about relationships and how to resolve disputes.

Ukrainian TV presenter Nikita Dobrynin and 21-year-old Daria Kvitkova in a relationship for over a year. Celebrity couple constantly stirs the interest of the audience a romantic photo. The lovers said that for them the ideal way to blow off steam – joint training Thai Boxing. Obviously, between lovers there is harmony and understanding. However, on his instagram page, the choice of the bachelor said that they found a way to deal with conflicts.

Dasha Kvitkova shared with followers the way they with Nikita overcome disputes. Like all normal couples, they fight. However, don’t hold a grudge at each other for a long time. To cope with the excessive emotionality helps them Thai Boxing. They attend training together.

“Very often I see the question: “Dasha, do you quarrel with Nikita? Well, of course,” she wrote.

And added that it was a normal couple, living people. They are differences that can growl at each other. Just trying to let it be only between them.

“It so happened that before training Nikita had a little fight, but then let off steam in the ring. We decided that Thai Boxing is a kind of therapy for us as a couple. How do you release anger?”, – added beautiful.

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