Former captain Irina Gorovaya has issued what he thinks about Kamensky: “the Boy with…”

Бывшая Потапа Ирина Горовая выдала, что думает о Каменских: "Мальчик с..."

today, 10:30

The ex-wife of the famous Ukrainian producer, rapper Palapa Irina Gorovaya frankly told reporters about his personal life and about the relationship of her son with Nastya Kamenskih. According to her, the child with the singer of “warm” relations there.

Horova said that Nastya and Andrew communicate badly and they have no relationship. A boy with a stepmother can have a little chat, but it all ends. This writes the portal “Politek”.

Бывшая Потапа Ирина Горовая выдала, что думает о Каменских: "Мальчик с..."

Potap with Irina Gorovaya and their son

While horova told – it does not preclude the fellowship of the son with Potapov. The two spend time together, playing soccer or go to the movies.

It is worth reminding our readers of the fact that Grigory Leps and Irina Gorovaya were married in 1999 and divorced in 2014. The couple parted without scandals. 23 may 2019 Potap and Nastya Kamensky got married, although officially formalized their relationship on 18 October 2018.

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