Former captain revealed the secret of their acquaintance: “I was married”

Бывшая Потапа раскрыла тайну их знакомства: "Я была замужем"

Ex-wife of the famous Ukrainian musician Potap Irina Gorovaya first decided to publicly share how I met him. Now, on the eve of the wedding, Potap with Nastya Kamenskih the theme of the personal life of the producer is particularly relevant.

41-year-old Irina told how they met and how the former husband and wife can remain friends after a divorce. At the same time the beginning of a relationship with a musician she recalls with a smile.

Бывшая Потапа раскрыла тайну их знакомства: "Я была замужем"

“On paper I was married, but that was a purely legal Convention. But we were friends first. And then friendship between a man and a woman is impossible, and yet we managed a novel. Nothing connected with my husband, and then I met a wonderful, beautiful, talented Alexey Potapenko, fell in love with him. I was 25 years old somewhere, he was 19. Had a baby and was husband. But there is all. It’s complicated,” she says.

Potapov himself has repeatedly said that even after separation they can be friends.

“Then and now friends, we are all good friends and we have all this big Italian family. And, of course, when I’m already with their Luggage and knowledge thought to want to go back to the Bank, or I want something different, I suggested Potap — I’ll help you,” says the Biol.

Earlier it was reported that popular Ukrainian producer and singer Potap has also remained indifferent to the Day of embroidery. On his page in Instagram he published a photo, which depicted in embroidery and with a little girl in his arms.

Бывшая Потапа раскрыла тайну их знакомства: "Я была замужем"

We will remind, the captain showed an incredible resemblance to a young son.

As reported Know. ua, Kamensky told about plans after the wedding with Potapov.

Also Know As. ua wrote that thinner for the wedding Potapov advised to get rid of your favorite chips.


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