Former Costco employee wins

A former employee of Costco de Sherbrooke was awarded $ 110,500 by her former employer for constructive dismissal.
In a recent decision, Justice Sylvain Provencher of the Superior Court ordered Costco to pay $ 100,500 as vacation pay and vacation pay and to pay his contribution to the RRSP for a period of 15 months. .

“The downsides of her job loss, such as the loss of financial security, the job search efforts, the break with her workplace that she loved, to name a few, are more the result of end of employment decreed by the employer and are in principle compensated by the allowance paid as a period of leave, “Provencher J. said in his decision.

The former employee held a position of assistant manager at Costco between 1993 and 2011. She had developed a depressive state following denigrating and depreciating remarks by her supervisor and had to be away from work for two years.

Faced with a climate that seemed hostile to her return to work, she left office in 2013. An amount of $ 10,000 is added as moral damages.

“The Tribunal is of the opinion that $ 10,000 is warranted to compensate for the humiliating, degrading and hurtful dismissal suffered by the employee. The attitude and the maneuvers of the defendants, particularly after November 6, 2013, when Costco became aware of the psychological harassment situation of the former employee, amount to unfair treatment, without consideration, consideration, respect or esteem. “former employee and undermine his dignity and psychological integrity,” Judge Provencher analysis.

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