Former Friske after the collapse of the wedding set off the shore, Shepelev risks losing everything

Бывший Фриске после срыва свадьбы пустился берега, Шепелев рискует потерять все

today, 10:25

Wedding Shepeleva and Tulupova, which did not say just lazy, did not take place.
The girl was fascinated with this design work and the men who surrounded her there. And Dmitry apparently decided his sorrow “pour”.

Active user of Instagram, for weeks not appearing on the network and its members have noted that before such was not.

Leading also stopped filming the show “Folders” and “Mother”, and recently appeared hoarse from “sobriety” in the air “Business”. Then all and understand where from really disappeared star.

In the new issue it was about the eighth grader who has beaten the teacher at school. Leading were barely able to program his hoarse voice. He viglyadel haggard and upset.
In addition, the “gagged” to all offended parties of the ether, not allowing to Express a point of view.
Thus showing his incompetence and violating the essence of the project.

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It is likely that Shepelev is in this state because of problems in his personal life.
Back in the fall leading confirmed the intention to marry with the designer Catherine Tulupova, which was about 3 years together. However, the wedding did not take place.
They do not live together, it is evident from publications on his page. For rent in the house with him except for my son.

Бывший Фриске после срыва свадьбы пустился берега, Шепелев рискует потерять все

Recently Shepelev "boasted" the shoes of his son and his, but a female couple was not there

Catherine works hard, and on her finger no ring. The designer even did not congratulate the bridegroom happy birthday, destroying all hopes Shepeleva. Apparently, then Dmitri realized that finally lost Kate and was “hooked” on glass. The voice of the master could ohriplosti using alcohol, which when used in a very dry wall of the larynx. Since the birth of the leading microblogging naughty and external changes are very similar to “image of the alcoholic.”

Shepelev about the problems with alcohol repeatedly reported in the media. Apparently, his fascination grows into a dangerous addiction that destroys the life of the leader.

We will remind, earlier ex-husband is a famous Russian singer Zhanna Friske, who died of cancer, Dmitry Shepelev, a couple of months ago, said that once again ready to get married.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, the sister of the famous Russian singer Zhanna Friske, who died of cancer, Natalie recently radically changed her image — she was like the deceased artist.

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that Dmitry Shepelev says that his son Plato knows a lot about mom, since he often listens to stories about her from him.

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