Former Gufa ISA with tears in his eyes showed the “dirty Laundry” crazy rapper: “P****y happens” video

Бывшая Гуфа Айза со слезами на глазах показала "грязное белье" спятившего рэпера: "П****ц происходит", видео

today, 13:15

The famous Russian showwomen ISA Anokhin, ex-wife of rapper Guf and the mother of his son Themselves, after the scandalous statement of Alexey Dolmatov about the ex-the Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Nosov, broke down and confessed in the network. It is noticeable that the star of “touched” for a living.

This became known thanks to a new publication in the network Instagram.

Бывшая Гуфа Айза со слезами на глазах показала "грязное белье" спятившего рэпера: "П****ц происходит", видео

The Publication ISA Dolmatova, Instagram

“The last time I had a terrible lump in my throat and it feels like I live in a cage of their own decisions and mistakes. The only thing that stops me from thinking that my whole life is a series of continuous mistakes — my children. Know you are all waiting for the review from me! My direct WhatsApp seething with questions about leschi and his behavior. Someone laughs, treating it like a joke, someone who understands (these least), someone rebukes me for not coming to save, although I have done all I could and this is nothing compared to the consequences that will occur. Whether we are dealing with the Body? Yes! We are in good friendly relationship! What’s happening to him? Pizd*C occurs, which may become irreparable tragedy if once again his guardian angel will save him! To go back to him?? These messages x*liard! Return to whom? For what? Instagram to rejoice?? You understand that the picture you see is life! And that’s a life outside of Instagram very poor! I love Sam’s father and grateful for the experience, for son, for you! But I don’t love him as a man! … I tired to ruin herself everything that once believed! You wanted the truth? Please! Get! Since we are bloggers their panties for the whole world to turn out. I didn’t want Sam rested without me knowing what they are capable of his father, who has spent his life ruining everything! You still listen to his nonsense, write to me, come back and so on! He’s sick! And he needs to be treated! He doesn’t like anybody and don’t know how to love!”, writes ISA.

Also later there was a video where ISA with tears in his eyes asks him to leave her alone.

Recall, the rapper Guf challenged former judoka and member: “I crossed your path, Fantomas?”.

As reported Znayu, Guf caused to “ring” exdeputy of the state Duma and Nosov judoka.

Znayu wrote “Cocaine” cake and “track” after champagne in the network leaked video of a hot party popular beauty blogers.

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