Former Iryna Bilyk Dikusar discovered the secret to eternal youth and muscles of steel

Бывший Ирины Билык Дикусар раскрыл секрет вечной молодости и стальных мышц

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It is no secret that many showbiz stars often look like the real models, which will soon come out is not a demonstration of the new line of famous brand. What, besides money, is helping ex-famous singer Iryna Bilyk, Dmitry Dikusar constantly be in great shape.

Famous choreographer in the program “Sravi way” shared personal secrets about the fresh form.

Бывший Ирины Билык Дикусар раскрыл секрет вечной молодости и стальных мышц

Dmitry Dikusar, photo:

He hides that much of his excellent appearance is obliged to the parents.

“I’m 99% sure that all genetics anyway. I don’t believe that fundamentally the cream can affect your appearance. For how long? I use only a good mood,” says the choreographer.

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Nutrition Dikusar does not limit.

“If you have the opportunity to eat at home, I eat at home, – said Dmitry Dikusar in the “Sravi way” and admitted that he loves coffee. Is a delicious drink, so I love how a cappuccino to drink, sometimes as us. If you Wake up from a petrol station, then it’s espresso.”

Бывший Ирины Билык Дикусар раскрыл секрет вечной молодости и стальных мышц

Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar, Instagram

The constant dance parties and workouts – the best way to get rid of excess weight. And the most important secret in good shape, according to the choreographer, it is in a good mood.

“I think in life there should be as little stress as possible. This is my recipe for a good appearance”, – said Dikusar.

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Recall that the Polyakov superblondinka live United the Ukraine, and wiped his nose “servants of the people”.

As reported Znayu personal “harem” Iryna Bilyk – from the scandalous Dima Kolyadenko to model Overcome.

Znayu wrote, Iryna Bilyk with her husband and young son showed how to spend a weekend, not a king.


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