Former Kozlowski Ramin came to the party in “bare” dress: “Dress one million”

Бывшая Козловского Рамина пришла на вечеринку в "голом" наряде: "Платье на миллион"

Ramin Achakzai, Instagram

today, 18:27

The most popular ex-member of the romantic reality show “the Bachelor” and founder of the YouTube channel “rumor” Ramin Achakzai, who is also the ex-fiancée of Ukrainian artist Vitaliy Kozlovsky, often pleases fans of bright pictures and videos in your Instagram. So this time the girl posted a new photo, which poses in the backstage of the Moscow party glossy magazine.

As seen in the photo on the social event, Ramin came in a rather revealing outfit. This so-called “naked dress”, which almost hides nothing. This long dress slits from the waist so the hips are fully open, well at least wearing underwear, because the panties and bra too visible. Her hair is gathered in a neat hairstyle and a bright makeup. In the caption to the photo Achakzai tells about the party and asks her to recommend where to go for new year holidays.

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Recall that Ramin was first admitted, why run away from Kozlowski before the wedding.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the betrayed Kozlowski presenter Ramin said on the “serious” career.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that ex-Kozlowski spoke in detail about fake love.

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