Former Kozlowski Ramin pinned to the wall pet Loboda – rumor has it that he…

Бывшая Козловского Рамина прижала к стенке любимчика Лободы - ходят слухи, что он...

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Ex-fiancée Vitaly Kozlovsky Ramin Eshakti continues to interview popular personalities. This time the guest of her show was the sex symbol of the Ukrainian variety art – Max Barskih. On the eve of his tour, the artist met with Raminas in the Studio, which held a rehearsal of his concert programs. Ramin corresponding video published on the channel “Rumor”.

“Analyzing different interview different artists, both modern and past, and those who have died from overdose of drugs, you can see that it is all poor people, who are trapped glory. Or not all, but most. And so I analyzed myself and thought, “Okay. I want to succeed, and I generally go through life and do what I do – why? Because I love it or because I’m trying to get away from loneliness? Or I think if I get it or I will order what I always wanted to be, I’ll be more than happy? I myself answer this question, no. I’m not that person. Happiness is something that comes from within us, – said the artist. — Is the lens through which we see the world”, – said Barsky.

Бывшая Козловского Рамина прижала к стенке любимчика Лободы - ходят слухи, что он...

Barsky decided to answer the question Remini about whether he wants to achieve true fame in the United States.

“Since childhood I had dream to achieve global success. On the one hand there is the ambition to achieve this goal, which was from childhood, on the other hand I think am I ready to stake their personal lives, to stake the time. The key word is personal life because it all starts. The more popular you become, the more you can surround people are not entirely sincere and honest, the more people you have, the more you become closed in a little box and be alone. And plunge into depression.

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Los Angeles and America is the place where I feel normal, human. Which does not have a certain status, which does not have a plume that can afford to go buy in a store toilet paper and not to be photographed. This is a fairly expensive city. There you can quickly and easily spend money, but also easy and they can earn. There is paid labour and, consequently, high costs, high taxes. The main thing there is to find the right company, their people. This is a fairly good and positive city, all friendly. You find yourself in the atmosphere of the resort. There from Monday to Sunday something going on: events, parties, hangouts. One day a friend who, I think, knows everyone in Los Angeles, was invited to the party. When I arrived, I saw her approach and she introduces me to her friend, standing with his back to me, he turns and look, it’s Asher!”, – said the singer.

Reflecting on his personal life and what inspires him to write songs, Max Barsky told about the children’s injuries related to his own father, with whom, according to the artist, they were separated by a huge chasm.

“A strange thing happened on the filming of the clip “February”. Father came, and after a huge number of years we first stood face to face. I realized that I have not experienced such emotional discomfort, and during each pause, went far into the pavilion, where I was just pouring tears. Like, I have no hard feelings, I understand and accept him the way he is, but childhood traumas left…”, says the artist.

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We will remind, ex-fiancée Kozlowski Ramin was in a wheelchair.

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