Former member of “Okean Elzy” remembered the funniest New year in one video: familiar to everyone

Бывший участник "Океана Эльзы" вспомнил самый забавный Новый год в одном видео: знакомо каждому

Pianoboy, photo: Wikipedia

today, 17:28

Popular Ukrainian singer Pianoboy has released an atmospheric new year’s video for the song “If you want Novyi Rik”. It shows family strife and reconciliation.

The clip showed the story of a family on the eve of the New year. The conflict begins after accidentally falling off a bowl of salad. It’s almost comes to blows, the children start eating the salad from the floor, and the tree falls.

The clip appeared on December 20 on the official YouTube-channel solo project of Dmitry Shurov Pianoboy. In a short time the comic video has gained more than 33 thousand views.

“The main thing quickly to make peace and hug a loved one”, “my family almost every holiday that passes, I love them very much”, “These slow-motion shots made me laugh. For some reason, the beginning didn’t think it would be so ridiculous”, “the Salvador Dali flying cat, and then dog” – write the users in the network.

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Recall, Pianoboy showed a riot ruthless elements at the Kozak Fest.

As reported Know. ua, Ukrainian singer almost died because of addiction.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Pianoboy told how a broken beer helped him to get in the “Ocean Elzy”.

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