Former partner Volochkova spoke about her life today: “the Swamp and can’t get out of it”

Бывший партнер Волочковой рассказал о ее сегодняшней жизни: "Болото и не можете из него выбраться"

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Ballet dancer Nikolai Tsiskaridze has told about his attitude to the Russian prima ballerina Anastasia Volochkova.

Former partner Volochkova revealed behind the scenes of today’s life Anastasia Volochkova, and confessed how he feels about her. About this dancer said on the YouTube show “And struck Graham.”

It should be noted that many years ago, during their work Volochkova at the Bolshoi theatre, that Tsiskaridze became the protector of a ballerina, when most took up arms against it.

He refused to sign the papers that defamed her honor. Later, the ballerina could not hold back the tears. She was saying that all life will be grateful to your partner for the action.

Бывший партнер Волочковой рассказал о ее сегодняшней жизни: "Болото и не можете из него выбраться"

“Everything about Nastya. This is a very big tragedy. From my point of view. She started as one of the best, brightest and most outstanding ballerinas of her generation,” he said.

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However, as noted by Tsiskaridze, further actions of the dancer had led to “a very difficult result.” And, he believes, these actions did not only the dancer, but the people who surrounded her.

Today’s life of a ballerina, he compared the swamp from which she can not get out.

Himself Tsiskaridze is now trying not to follow the life of a former girlfriend. In his memory she forever remain “the Anastasia, which alubel”.

However, he noted that he did not like that near Volochkova today promoted by all who can. While Tsiskaridze thinks they have it bad – as soon as they leave the stage, they immediately forget.


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