“Former”: the network appeared in a short film with Tina Karol in the title role

The picture brought the singer to win in the nomination “Best female role”

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"Бывшие": в сети появилась короткометражка с Тиной Кароль в главной роли

Tina Karol

In the network appeared the film “the Ex,” in which Tina, for the first time in a long time zagovarivat about her husband’s death, played a major role. Short film directed by Yevgeny Baranov brought the singer to win in the nomination “Best female role”.

In the film “the Former” Tina played the role of a girl who is trying to build a relationship with a lover, but it does not let the phantoms of her ex-Boyfriends. For the role the actress had to transform from long-haired blonde to brunette korotkometrazhnuyu.

“Former” is an intelligent movie. It revealed the difficult question of human choice in the struggle between the past and the present. And this choice determines its future,” says the author of the idea of the film is Victoria lezina.

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