Former Trump chief of staff to cooperate in investigation into assault on Capitol Hill

Former Trump chief of staff to cooperate in investigation of & rsquo; the assault on the Capitol

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WASHINGTON | Donald Trump's chief of staff during the assault on Capitol Hill will cooperate in the investigation of this attack, the so-called “January 6” parliamentary committee announced on Tuesday, the first of those close to the former US president to agree to testify .

Mark Meadows has already provided a series of documents to the commission charged with shedding light on the deeds and actions of the former president and his advisers in the course of the assault against Congress, announced the elected Democrat who chairs it, Bennie Thompson.

Donald Trump's last chief of staff had initially refused to testify before this commission and risked an indictment for it. Steve Bannon, a former ally of the Republican billionaire, has already been indicted for the same reason and faces jail.

Mark Meadows now talks with the commission “through his lawyer,” Bennie Thompson said.

“He has provided documents to the commission and will appear soon for a first deposition,” he said in a statement.

On January 6, thousands of Donald Trump supporters rushed to Congress where they had entered by force to prevent American elected officials from certifying Joe Biden's presidential victory.

The parliamentary committee investigating this assault has already questioned more than 'hundred people and multiplies the subpoenas in the entourage of Donald Trump.

The former president is frequently indignant against the work of the commission, repeating his unfounded accusations of fraud in the presidential election of November 2020.

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