Formula 1. Hulkenberg received a severe punishment for the accident at the Belgian Grand Prix (video)

Формула-1. Хюлькенберг отримав суворе покарання за аварію на Гран Прі Бельгії (відео)

Niko will lose 10 seats at the start of the next stage

Nico Hulkenberg was found guilty in the accident at the start of the Grand Prix of Belgium and received a harsh penalty from the judges.

Hulkenberg for the replacement of elements of the power plant started one of the last of the Grand Prix of Belgium. In the beginning of the race he tried to win back the position, but was behind the pilots in the air bag and did not calculate the time to brake.

In the end, he crashed into the car of Fernando Alonso, he touched Charles LeClair, and monacan had not missed Daniel Riccardo.

Hulkenberg was summoned to the stewards after the race.

Reportedly, the pilot pleaded guilty and the judge punished him with a penalty of 10 positions at the start of the next Grand Prix of Italy, which will take place next week.

Thus, Hulkenberg second time in a row will start the race closer to the tail of the peloton. This is a serious blow for Renault, which Belgium scored no points and allowed Haas to get the distance of six points in the constructors ‘ championship.

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