Formula 1: “If I miss my braking, it's a disaster” – Esteban Ocon

Formula 1: &ldash; Esteban Ocon


A tragedy was narrowly averted on the penultimate lap of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan when photographers and marshals found themselves in front of Esteban Ocon's single-seater at his arrival in the supply pits.

The scene was notably captured by the camera installed on board the Alpine and we can clearly see the French pilot applying the brakes suddenly to avoid catching the forty people who had gathered in his path near the closed park.< /p>

This is where photographers and cameramen rush to the first three cars at the finish to capture images. However, the race was not yet over when Ocon made his late [and obligatory] stop to put new tires on his car.

Just a few weeks ago, spectators invaded the track in Australia before the checkered flag was waved. 

FIA investigation

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) marshals are responsible for safety in the pit area. It is clear that there was negligence on their part, so that an investigation will be carried out to shed light on this event which could have had a tragic outcome.

“I don't understand why preparations for the podium are started when the race is not yet over,” Ocon told British network Sky Sports. 

“Everyone knew that drivers had to stop at least once before the conclusion of the Grand Prix, as stipulated by the regulations. I arrive at very high speed, I brake very late and I see people and barriers in front of me. It could have been very serious today,” he added.

Ocon considers himself lucky to have avoided a real carnage. 

“Yeah, we came pretty close,” he said. I had to slow down and I would not have liked to be among those who were in the middle. If I miss my braking, it's a disaster. »

Points for Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso failed to reach the podium for a fourth consecutive race, but he did It didn't take much since his Aston Martin finished fourth less than a second behind Charles Leclerc's Ferrari.

In front, the two Red Bulls of Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen, in order , have never been threatened. They orchestrated the 25th double for the Austrian team in F1.

“I am happy with my race, knowing that we had a difficult weekend. The good news is that in the race, you never give up, ”said Alonso.

Montrealer Lance Stroll, teammate of the Spaniard, was satisfied with seventh rank after a light touch with the wall. 

“The important thing is to have scored valuable points and to maintain second place in the constructors' standings. »