Fortnite does not work: instead of playing a gaping black hole

Popular game Fortnite has completed the tenth season of the mysterious black hole that swallows up the whole island

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Fortnite не работает: вместо игры зияет черная дыра

It’s the end of Fortnite?

The 10th season of the popular game Fortnite genre “battle Royal” officially ended on October 13 with a special event The End (“End”), after which would come the 11th season. But this did not happen – the game stopped working just before the expected season. Players can not connect and on the official website Fortnite gaping black hole that is broadcast on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

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The end of the 10th season caused the destruction of the island and, apparently, the game itself, since at the time of this writing, the servers do not respond Fortnite. Fortnite developers has launched the live broadcast, which shows just a black hole. Twitter watched more than 1.3 million people, and Twitch didn’t cope with the load and for a time was unavailable. In the category of games on the streaming service at that time was about 4 million viewers.

It is worth reminding that the end of the fourth season in Fortnite, too, accompanied by in-game cataclysm, game card when bombarded missiles, creating cracks in the space is plunged unprepared players in a real shock. Then the game is automatically moved to the 5th season.

Probably, so developers are starting not just a new season and a whole new Chapter in Fortnite, which will receive a new card and probably new features. Earlier, the developers posted a message with the caption “This is the end”. In the figure, the characters in the game, waving his hand to the bus that takes users to the island.

Recall that the PlayStation 5 already possible to “buy” several retailers have opened the pre – orders. At the same time, parents hire Tutors mass on Fortnite.

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