Found 19 months later: “I thought I was dreaming,” said the investigator

The investigator responsible for the file of Jame-Laura May, this young woman of 26 years moved to Windsor, nearly 20 months after reporting her disappearance in Longueuil, was stunned when he learned the good news last Friday.

Eric Déry, of the police Service of the urban agglomeration of Longueuil (SPAL), was teleworking last Friday when he was advised by his chief, he told in interview to the program The Quebec Morning on LCN.

“I couldn’t believe at the beginning when my lieutenant called me. He said to me : “the Windsor police in Ontario comes from the trace.” I thought I was dreaming,” said the investigator.

“After that, I called the mother of Laura. I said to him : “are you well seated?” When I announced the news, she said : “I think I’ll sit down””, he continued.

Eric Déry and his team have spared no effort to locate the young woman, now 26 years old, and have extended their research across the country. Linked with prostitution, the police officer knew that she had already made in British Columbia.

A notice of disappearance with a photo-montage showing his tattoos has been issued at the national level. The investigator even went so far as to call a private detective on which he could count in certain circumstances.

When she absconded, on October 13, 2018, Jame-Laura May was at the cinema with his mother. She left the room to go to the toilet, but never returned. She had removed a good amount of money the day before. The subject of an order in mental health, she had gone without his medication.

Jame-Laura had completely disappeared from the radar screens for nearly 20 months.

False papers and tattoo

Eric Déry suspected that the woman was living under a new identity. He had seen just as Jame-Laura was in Windsor with false papers.

It is a police of Windsor, who has had to deal with the young woman a few times, who was questioned on his identity because of his particular emphasis. Jame-Laura was also “very inconsistent”.

By searching in search notice, the police has found it. His tattoo on the chest was particularly revealing.

“Tattoos, a scar, it does not lie on one person,” said Mr. Déry.

“This time, we were lucky. We had a good star. His mom will be able to find it, it is his only girl… […] It is a sense of satisfaction. We worked so hard, it was a big team. Everyone has put hand to the dough, and it gave a good result,” concluded the investigator of the SPAL.

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