Found a replacement: Polyakova made a fantastic offer for a private nurse, details

Нашла замену: Полякова сделала фантастическое предложение для собственной няни, детали

Polyakova, photos

today, 06:54

Famous and scandalous Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova is suggested for the nanny of their children to enter into a contract that provides for a singing tour of Ukraine. It happened during the live broadcast of the show “X-Factor”.

Note that Lyudmila Bazelyuk for a long time to care for children Polyakova. And then, without having sustained, the woman decided to try yourself in the role of the singer in the new season of the vocal show. And it should be noted that this worked out well. She not only conquered the audience with his singing, but made the team Polyakova. And this, in turn, gave the opportunity Bazelyuk live to sing the song of Oleg Vinnik “she-Wolf”.

Нашла замену: Полякова сделала фантастическое предложение для собственной няни, детали

A screenshot of the video

“I have to be honest with you. You sang beautifully, it was incredibly emotional and sensitive, you have a great voice, but I have to give a chance don’t you,” said Polyakova.

Really, this show for Bazelyuk was not the end, because a celebrity asked her to sign a contract that includes a tour of Ukraine.

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