Found a very rare version of Windows 8 with normal “Start-up”

Windows 8 with adequate “start-up” could give a second life Windows 7

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 09:50

In 2011, Microsoft all worked on the next version of Windows that was supposed to replace Windows 7. Hacker Albacore has published screenshots of an early version of Windows 8 with build number 7850. The main feature of this version is the presence of the classic “start” button, which subsequently declined.

This version of Windows 8 was never released for General use, and was intended for internal testing Microsoft. The feature of this building is that it works on the Windows kernel with 6.1 – it worked for Windows 7. Therefore, the interface is very similar to the deceased in this year “Seven”: Desk with Aero, transparent Windows, “glass”, the classic icon and other recognizable elements.

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However, noticeable differences. The “start” button was already open, not the classic menu with the hated by many tiles with the search bar. In the future these tiles has undergone a radical redesign using the visual ideology of Metro: vivid colors, large image elements. In this partially preserved Aero with effects of volume, glass and iridescent colors.

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Also the experimental build of Windows 8 the first version charm is a menu for quick access to various function of operating system. At the bottom of the screen you can see the strip, which at that time was called “horizon”. It was used for fast mode Metro, but in a full version of Windows 8 it was removed.

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Although this build of Windows was created 9 years ago (April 12 2011), we introduced the ability to see what was Windows 8 in the initial stage of development.

Найдена очень редкая версия Windows 8 с нормальным "Пуском"

Interface early builds of Windows 8 was similar to Windows 7

Still Windows 8 considers one of the worst versions of Windows – the only thing worse was Vista. However, Microsoft took into account the mistakes, heard from our users and released Windows 10, which became quite successful and still developing today. According to rumors, Microsoft plans to deliver Windows 10 live tiles, which over the last ten years and has not caught on.

We will remind that earlier has been found worthy of replacing Windows 7. Also the enthusiasts presented the concept of the 2018 Edition of Windows XP.

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Найдена очень редкая версия Windows 8 с нормальным "Пуском"

Найдена очень редкая версия Windows 8 с нормальным "Пуском"

Найдена очень редкая версия Windows 8 с нормальным "Пуском"

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