Found a way to regenerate the lost fingers

Найден способ регенерировать потерянные пальцы

Previously, scientists have achieved growth of bones.

Many representatives of the fauna possess the ability to regenerate lost limbs, but mammals in the course of evolution have lost this ability. A group of American scientists from the University of Texas is trying to find a way to restore the tendency to regenerate. Experts managed to achieve partial regeneration of lost fingers on the legs of experimental mice.

According to the journal Nature Communications, scientists have found two proteins, the manipulation of which starts the process of regeneration of lost fingers. Previously, scientists have achieved growth of bones. This time they found the way of intensified education of joint tissue.

Thus, initially in the place of lost fingers, researchers have reconstructed the bone, then using a mixture of protein, they launched the restoration of cartilage. As a result, in three days the joint is formed by 60%. Proteins, referred to, is BMP2 and BMP9. Without applying amputated fingers would heal as usual, in place of the cut they would have only delayed the wound.

The regeneration of cartilage and joint tissue, which were able to achieve experts, is a serious progress. Cartilage is considered to be a key part of the joints and its ability to recover can be easily judged on the possibility to achieve regeneration of limbs. Scientists have noted that even animals with the ability to grow lost limbs rarely observed the growth of joints and bones.

“The test results demonstrated that the regeneration process was most effective when applied immediately BMP2 and BMP9 was added a week later: this has led to the growth of more full articular structures, even with some connections to the bone,” said the authors.

The experiment, according to them, clearly shows that the cells in mammals are able to regenerate lost body parts with the right approach. You only need to figure out what is holding them back.

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