Found on the floor lottery ticket made the American multimillionaire

Найденный на полу лотерейный билет сделал американку мультимиллионершей

The jackpot was 343,9 million dollars.

A resident of the American city of Redfield larinn the West learned about the big win the lottery, but realized that he could not find his ticket. He had a few days lay on the floor of the truck her sister, reports the with reference for Today.

Woman bought your Powerball lottery ticket at the end of October. The next day after a game, a friend texted her that the winning ticket was sold in their city. 51-year-old West decided to check the numbers, but couldn’t find the ticket. She searched all over and in a panic called my sister, who recently drove her to his truck.

She searched the car and discovered the theft on the floor. A relative sent her the ticket, and the American found that all six numbers match the winning. “I told my sister to immediately climb into the truck to take a ticket and come right away. At the same time to drive slowly!”, she said. As it turned out, the woman tried to put the ticket in the purse while was inside the car, but he quietly dropped out.

Kush West made 343,9 million dollars, this is the biggest win in Iowa state history.

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