Found the oldest cave painting in the world

Найден древнейший наскальный рисунок в мире

The age of discovery is around 40 thousand years.

Petroglyphs are the most ancient written sources, which in graph form, but was told about specific events ancient times quite clear to us, albeit in symbolic language, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

In the world discovered many of those “stone” paintings created by cave people in the period from 10 to 36 thousand years ago. And the oldest rock paintings were found in Western Europe, mostly in Spain and France, which have enabled the modern Spaniards and the French proudly glances toward other peoples of the world.

However, this is nothing more than a joke, which, however, lurked the shadow of the truth. And, just recently, on the island of Borneo discovered rock carvings that 40 of the thousands of years (at least), and, you know, European countries do not have any relationship. It turns out that the most ancient art Paleolithic successfully developed in Europe and in Indonesia, and it is not clear why the last region shows a grain of this stone work.

Here’s what they say about the direct participants of this discovery professors Maxim Robert and Adam Brumm:

“On the one hand, discovered on the island of Borneo cave painting tells us that the ancient world was developed not only in Western Europe. And on the other hand, the enormous age of this figure may explain why in Indonesia, such finds are few: they are too ancient, poorly preserved (this can be seen in the photo – see above) or completely erased by time”.

Verify that the murals of the island of Borneo shows a horned animal (the picture, again, is not very clearly visible), and from the flanks of a bull or cow clearly sticks a spear that can serve as evidence of the veneration of hunting long ago by the aborigines, who inhabited this Land area. That is, we see not just the ancient art of man, but his story about the difficult life of that distant period in the history of mankind…

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