Found traces of a catastrophic solar storm, ” the Chronicle of world events

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In the year 660 BC, the Earth experienced one of the most powerful geomagnetic storms in history, say Swedish scientists, discovered traces of a catastrophic event deep in the Greenland ice.

A magnetic storm that happened almost twenty-seven centuries ago, was triggered by the so-called proton storm (solar proton event SPE), writes the with reference to

The phenomenon of the SPE while that is rather poorly studied by researchers, in particular, there is no reliable data about the frequency of such events, plus, you never know what forces may be a proton storms.

But judging by the radioactive elements (beryllium-10, chlorine-36 and carbon-14), which were formed in the Earth’s atmosphere under the action of solar storms in the year 660 BC, and then settled including in the Greenland ice cores to be detected after thousands of years, the intensity of a geomagnetic storm provoked by SPE, was incredibly high.

Employees of Lund University who found radioactive traces of a storm in ice cores extracted from Greenland’s ice sheet, say the same isotopes have been found in tree-rings of the same period, that is, there is no doubt that the consequences of a catastrophic solar storm.

According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the power of solar storms 660 BC was ten times higher than the capacity of the famous proton storm of 1956.


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