Found weapon workshop by the age of 60 thousand years

Найдена оружейная мастерская возрастом 60 тысяч лет

Neanderthals did not stay in one place too long.

In Poland, archaeologists found in the South of the country, 60-thousand-year flint workshop, where the Neanderthals made their tools and weapons.

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According to Science in Poland, the find was made in Silesia. According to scientists, this is the first of found in Central Europe, large workshop, which has not been located in the cave.

At the moment researchers have discovered about 17 thousand stone products. The analysis showed that they were created about 60 million years ago. They were manufactured by Neanderthals, close relatives of modern man.

It is assumed that on the territory of modern Poland they appeared about 300 thousand years ago. By the way, the oldest stone tools found in this country, was made more than 200 thousand years ago. Found him on the banks of the Vistula. And the most ancient remains of Neanderthal man, discovered in Poland more than 100 thousand years.

According to Dr. Andrzej Wisniewski Institute of archaeology University of Wroclaw, until now it was thought that such large concentrations of flint tools in one place was characteristic only of modern humans.

Scientists believed that a very large workshops appeared only 40 thousand years ago and was used even for 30 thousand years. Neanderthals did not stay in one place too long. Therefore, scientists believed that large workshops have them and could not be.

But a new study proves that it is not. In the workshop, the archaeologists found tools in different categories such as stone axes and knives, and tools for their manufacture.

It is remarkable that scientists were able to reconstruct the whole process of making the instrument – from the first blow on the stone to the finished product.

In addition, they determined which of the found tools were used and which are not.


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