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Four asteroids 'brushed past' Earth this week

Four asteroids “passed” Earth this week


2012 DK31, 2006 BE55, 2007 ED125 and 2021 QW, are the pretty names of these huge NEOs, classified as “potentially dangerous” by NASA, which skimmed past Earth this week.  

A disaster was unlikely since the closest pebble passed 3.5 million kilometers from Earth. 

The first two are passed Monday and Tuesday and the other two were passing through Friday. 

Even if the risks of collision were slim, NASA remained on the lookout since a simple modification of trajectory would be enough to cause an impact .

The first asteroid, 137 meters in size, approached Monday at a distance of about 4.8 million kilometers from Earth.

The second “visit” took place on Tuesday with the Apollo-like asteroid. The 2006 BE55 is already known; it crosses Earth's orbit every four to five years. It passed a little closer to Earth than Monday's, about 3.6 million kilometers away.

The largest of them, 2007 ED125, is 213 meters wide. It “grazed” the Earth at 4.5 million kilometers on Friday.

The same day, a fourth pebble crossed the blue planet. Although even more distant, it approaches Earth every two years. upcoming asteroids. Trajectories are calculated for the next 100 years.

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– Based on information from Science&Vie

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