Four cardiologist doctors in Béziers for the coronary angiography service operational in 2027

Four cardiologist doctors in Béziers for the coronary angiography service operational in 2027

Four cardiologist doctors in Béziers for the coronary angiography service operational in 2027

Les docteurs Philippe Berdagué et Frédéric Georger à l’hôpital de Béziers J.-P A. – Midi Libre

A fourth coronary angiography center will be operational in 2027 at the Béziers hospital center. The first launch phase was activated with the training of practitioners. For now, all heart attack patients had to go urgently to Montpellier.

The doctor in cardiology, Philippe Berdagué is leading the project to create a coronary angiography service within the Béziers hospital. For his investment in this issue, the mayor, Robert Ménard, awarded him the City medal. Enough to rekindle the flame around the establishment of this service. It must be said that the project is not new. It was before 1998 that the idea of ​​coronary angiography was born in Béziers. It fell into oblivion for a time only to resurface in 2019, under the leadership of the management of the hospital and the doctors of the CH de Béziers with the support of Dr Frédéric Georger, the head of the cardiology department of Béziers hospital. The project support establishment is the Montpellier university hospital center, with the Cardiology department of Professor Florence Leclerc.

Three centers in Hérault, the three are in Montpellier

The observation is simple. There are three coronary angiography centres in Hérault. They are all in Montpellier. It was therefore not outrageous to imagine creating a fourth centre in Béziers, for the west of Béziers where there are more than 350,000 inhabitants and no fewer than 2,800 coronary angiographers who must therefore travel to Montpellier. It should also be noted that deaths from cardiac accidents outpace those caused by cancer in the elderly in the west of the department. Creating a coronary angiography centre in the Béziers region means rebalancing the range of “services” to treat coronary problems including heart attacks, and giving patients the possibility of fitting stents (springs to dilate the arteries) without them having to travel to Montpellier. It's less stress for the patient, less transportation costs, less logistics and more convenience for families.

A heavy and complex project

“It's a heavy and complex project to set up, confirm Doctors Berdagué and Georger. We must ensure excellent quality of care but also patient safety. All this therefore requires a gradual increase in power. Doctors must be trained in coronary angiography, but also teams. When the project is installed, it will operate 24/7 every day. This requires four specialists. It is with this in mind that we signed an agreement between the CHU and the CHB. With this we will offer modern treatment of heart attacks in Béziers. This is a real public health issue."

Operational in 2027

The first phase of the center is launched. The second provides for the partial opening of the center with diagnostic coronary angiography activity for the month of September 2025 and finally scheduled and emergency angioplasty activities for 2027. &amp ;quot;All teams will be trained in immersion at the University Hospital. We are going to create a real ecosystem with doctors, nurses and radio technicians. Without them the doctor is nothing", confirms Philippe Berdagué who already practices this type of intervention in Montpellier.

Patient’s choice

On the ground, this will result in the creation of two dedicated rooms attached to a new structure at the Béziers hospital. There will also be the possibility of outpatient interventions for less serious cases. "The patient's choice will be respected. He will go where he wants, but in addition our center will work in cooperation with others since we will work with already existing structures. Indeed, our platform will be available for private and public specialists in Béziers. It’is very important to provide a plural response to the demands of the population."

The Regional Health Agency has given authorization to the Béziers hospital in 2023. This follows the authorization given in 2019 for the installation of defibrillators. This new service will upgrade the Béziers hospital and will be attractive to new practitioners.

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