Four injured in stabbing at hospital in China

Four injured in knife attack at hospital in China


A knife-wielding man injured four people at a renowned hospital in Shanghai on Saturday, before being shot and wounded by law enforcement who managed to subdue him, the police said. police. 

Calls for help from Ruijin Hospital, located in the center of the Chinese economic capital, were received at the end of the morning by the police who immediately dispatched officers.

“Police quickly arrived at the scene and found a man holding a group of people hostage with a knife on the seventh floor of the hospital,” police said in a statement. .

“When the suspect attempted to attack the hostages and officers, police opened fire to wound and subdue him,” the statement added.

Four people were injured and were taken into care without any vital sign being visibly threatened, police said.

The reasons for the attack remain unclear for the e moment.

On videos published by Chinese media, we see police entering a closed room of the hospital. Another video, circulating extensively on social media, shows the public fleeing the building. 

Mass crimes are rare in China where the carrying of firearms is strictly prohibited , but knife attacks occur occasionally.