Four Lozère companies winners of the France 2030 investment plan

Four Lozère companies winners of the France 2030 investment plan

Les entreprises lauréates ont été reçues en préfecture, ce lundi 25 mars 2024. Midi Libre – Célian Guignard

Neofor in Mende, in Saint-Jean-la-Fouillouse, Solaris BI in Marvejols and Vidal TP in Banassac, benefit from subsidies for their development.

Four Lozère companies are winners of the France 2030 national investment plan. The latter was launched in 2021. Its aim is the transformation of key sectors of the economy by  innovation.

In Mende, Neofor, specializing in wood processing, benefits from a subsidy of 3.10 million euros. The company with 20 million euros and 80 employees should have a new industrial site in the Jean-Antoine-Chaptal area of ​​Badaroux in the coming years.

In Marvejols, Solaris BI offers its Apollo software in order to simplify and optimize maintenance operations for carriers whose fleet is between five to 500 vehicles. The company, which currently employs nine people, promises its customers up to 60,000 euros per year. savings per year. With the France 2030 schemes, she will receive aid of 250,000 euros.

"We are economically interesting"

In Banassac, Vidal TP, which carries out forestry work, spent more than 500,000 euros; for a new harvester that is more respectful of the environment. France 2030 subsidizes its investment to the tune of 226,000 euros.

In Mende, markets various IBM i security software. The latest: STR-iCT. Via France 2030, the company obtained the sum of 90,000 euros.

"We make up one per thousand of the population and 1% of the territory. But at our level, we are economically interesting, insists Philippe Castanet, the prefect. I said when I arrived that our department was not an isolated island, with some domestic activities: we cut wood, we produce a little cheese, we cut meat and we are happy. Lozère must connect with regional, national and international systems. With France 2030, this is a good example. We have leading companies in their sector of activity."

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