Four more deaths in 24 hours on the roads

Quatre morts de plus en 24 heures sur les routes

Four people have died on the roads of Quebec in a few hours in the night from Friday to Saturday, in spite of increased police surveillance because of the heavy balance sheet since January.

Laury, Fortin, Mathias Daudelin-Trudeau, Jean-François Gagnon and Pascal Bergeron have all four of them perished on the road in the night from Friday to Saturday.

They come and swell the balance sheet of the Sûreté du Québec, already almost identical to that of last year at the same date, despite a decrease in traffic of 17 % due to the pandemic.

Three fatal accidents occurred in spite of increased police surveillance in the framework of the campaign ” I slowed down. I saves lives “.

The SQ believes that the drop in traffic led drivers to be more reckless. The speed is the main cause of loss of life.

However, the former racing driver and driving instructor Bertrand Godin believes that movement is less frequent in period of time of containment could have reduced the ease of some drivers.

“The less you drive, the more you are at risk. You lose the ability to be attentive, to know what to watch at what time and to anticipate’, he says.

“The conduct, it is a workout. I invite people to drive and not think about that, because we led for 30 years, we have kept our skills. There is a challenge to have, ” adds the man of Saint-Hyacinthe.

Port of the belt

In Saint-Félix-de-Valois, Mathias Daudelin-Trudeau, 26 years old, was ejected from his vehicle after several rolls on the road 131. Police were called to the scene around 0: 45. The young man was passionate about off-road vehicles.

A work colleague, Dominic Cyr, describes it as ” a good person with a lot of heart.” It was a pity that he died so young.

Jean-François Gagnon, 37 years old, as well as Pascal Bergeron, 40 years old, have left their life in an accident at Saint-Pierre-Baptiste in the Centre-du-Quebec, a little before midnight. The driver was also ejected after he lost control of his vehicle.

“When a person is ejected, it leaves always thinking that she was not wearing his seat belt “, says Mr. Godin.

Laury, Fortin, aged 22 years, has succumbed to his injuries on the roads of La Durantaye in Bellechasse, on Friday at around 18: 45.

The young woman has had a frontal collision with a pickup truck after being found in the road opposite. The passengers of the other vehicle sustained minor injuries.

Emergency manoeuvres

The causes of the three accidents have still not been determined and it is not known whether the drivers were wearing their seat belt or not. Godin indicates that the accidents are all occurring in the evening and believes that the weather could also have played a role while several regions were swept by showers .

Moreover, he mentions that the drivers should be better trained to perform emergency manoeuvres.

“We don’t want to use, but it is like a fire extinguisher. It wants to have it if we ever need it, ” he concludes.

The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec indicates that 30 % of drivers and passengers of passenger vehicles who died in a road accident were not attached.

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