Four new practitioners at Millau Hospital: “reinforcements for the medical team”

Four new practitioners at Millau Hospital: “reinforcements for the medical team”

Trois chirurgiens et un biologiste ont intégré l’équipe médicale du CH de Millau. Midi Libre – EVA TISSOT

The Millau hospital center has announced: four new recruits have been added to the medical team of the health establishment. A boon for a fractured territory ?

They are surgeons or even biologists. Four new recruits have arrived at Millau hospital. The first, Dr Pauline Unal, specializes in orthopedic surgery of the lower limbs. Among the arrivals, Dr Paul Vial D’Allais, specialized in upper limb, hand and peripheral nerve surgery. Also, among the new arrivals, Dr Mohamed Sebbagh, specialized in visceral and digestive surgery as well as Dr Sylvain Renault, medical biologist.

"The arrival of these practitioners strengthens the capacity of the Millau hospital center to meet the health needs of users of the territory and to maintain support adapted and quality charge", indicates the press release from the health establishment.

L’Aveyron, territory of health divide ?

And for good reason, Aveyron, and more particularly the south of the department, is one of the medical deserts, suffering from a lack of doctors and specialized professionals. According to the interactive map published by the consumer union (UFC Que Choisir), Millau is well-equipped in terms of general practitioners: the blue color indicates “a higher than average access to general practitioners without excess fees (within a 30-minute radius) “.

However, the color very quickly turns red, particularly in Nant., La-Roque-Sainte-Marguerite or even La Cresse, municipalities considered to be “medical deserts” of general practitioners without excess fees fees”.

Indicators that do not improve when we look at specialties such as gynecology, ophthalmology or obstetrics and gynecology. As for the joint hospital project which, according to the Regional Health Agency (ARS), should help resolve, at least in part, this problem of medical desertification, it remains for the time being widely criticized by health personnel and unions. All considering that it endangers the existing hospitals in these two municipalities. The future establishment expected in 2028, is ultimately not able, still according to the inter-union, to stem the health divide in South Aveyron.

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