Fourth album: Braids breaks the mold

Quatrième album: Braids brise le moule

Used to construct the album, track by track, sound by sound, and without anyone’s help, training montreal-based Braids decided to break the mold. One way to do the trio as “art-rock” has loved it.

Shadow Offering, their fourth album, is available from 19 June. Raphaelle Standell-Preston, Taylor Smith and Austin Tufts are very proud of this new collection of songs.

“I think this is the album on which it was worked. This is the first time I feel that I am involved in a project. I have worked a lot on the guitar and on the words, I read and I listened to music to inspire me. I am given to 200 %”, launched the singer, guitarist and keyboardist Raphaelle Standell-Preston, in an interview.

The drummer and vocalist Austin Tufts, abounds in the same direction. It is even able, for the first time, to appreciate this album as a music lover.

“There’s a new energy. We have given more space to develop our individual ideas. I see Taylor, Raphaelle, Chris and some of the things we built together, and it is very enjoyable,” he added.


And Chris Walla, ex-guitarist of the training Death Cab for Cutie, is he who has established this new approach. This is the first time that Braids entrusted the realization of an album to another person.

“Chris had rented a room from our studio All dressed and we became friends. Asked for a hand for the sound mix and it has led us in another direction. It was two years that we worked on writing our songs and there was a need for fresh air,” said Raphaelle Standell-Preston.

There are two ways to build an album, ” says Austin Tufts. There’s the one that looks like the construction, the group has always promoted and there is also another method.

“It is that which is done in a group, in the studio, to pick up the vibrations and the present moment. And this is what Chris has promoted. We then developed the songs with the work”, he explained.

The trio has loved this way of working that has allowed him to get the energy that is present in their shows.

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