Fox News Knew: US$1.6 Billion in Lies

Fox News knew: US$1.6 billion of lies


Emails from most influential hosts of far-right Fox News reveal they were saying privately that Trump was lying when he claimed the 2020 election was stolen and still continued to spread his lies.

Their comments were made public as part of a libel suit against Fox News by Dominion Voter Systems. According to the company's legal filing, hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, in email exchanges, mocked and insulted Trump advisers Rudolph Giuliani and Sidney Powell on multiple occasions. 

Dominion is suing Fox News, America's most watched news network, for US$1.6 billion.

First the truth, then the lie.

Fox News stunned and enraged Trump and his team on election night by becoming the first network to project that Biden would become the next president.

When Fox's ratings plummeted and Trump refused to concede, network hosts began promoting the outlandish voter fraud thesis involving Dominion voting machines. The Fox News stars were losing their audiences, which were fleeing to OAN and Newsmax, the other two far-right outlets. Bosses saw the network's profitability plummeting.

Carlson wrote to Ingraham on November 18, 2020 about the Trump adviser: “Sidney Powell is lying (…) I caught her. It's crazy what she's saying.” Ingraham replies, “Sidney is absolutely crazy. (…). Same for Rudy. Even Fox Corporation chairman, Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch, called Trump's allegations “really crazy stuff”.

Despising their audience for the money

Murdoch, Carlson, Ingram, Hannity didn't believe the lies they told the morons who watched their shows. They didn't care about anything but making money. Just meanness and greed. They were just telling their gullible, uneducated and under-gifted audience what they wanted to hear.

Fox is just a mirror reflecting the ignorance, stupidity and bigotry of those who watch the channel. She knows that her viewers do not want to be informed, but comforted in their prejudices and beliefs. Fox News has nothing to lose: None of its viewers – fanatical Trumpists – will ever believe they were lied to.

And advertisers won't stop advertising on the stations Fox. They want to sell products and services to the significant portion of their customer base that only Fox News can reach.

With the exception of Trump, no one has done more to undermine democracy in the United States than Fox News.

And the network is also dangerous to the health of Americans. If he had told the truth about the pandemic, masks and vaccines, hundreds of thousands of people would not have caught COVID and many would have been spared horrific death. Themselves vaccinated, the hosts of the channel cruelly misinformed their viewers for the money. No principles, no integrity. Shame on Fox hosts. Liars and hypocrites.