Fragile woman kicked the Cossack in front of the whole country: Zelensky did not intervene

Хрупкая женщина врезала Кошевому на глазах у всей страны: Зеленский вмешиваться не стал

Mishka on the set of “public Servants”

Actor and presenter Eugene Mishka takes part in the filming of the TV series “servant of the people”. According to the script his character is a Minister and one of the last scenes he got a slap from his assistant.

The corresponding video appeared on YouTube.

The footage shows how Eugene Kosh slaps actress Olga Jakovleva that scenario plays assistant foreign Minister. The members of the crew say that scene was pretty emotional and interesting and was lost several times.

Хрупкая женщина врезала Кошевому на глазах у всей страны: Зеленский вмешиваться не стал

However, for an actor a few takes turned so that the right cheek “was burning with a bright flame”.

According to the scenario, this situation has arisen because of a love of jealousy between the two foreign Ministry officials.

Actor and presenter Kvartal-95 Yevgeniy Koshevoy has launched an unusual flash mob called #SATURDAYT.

The comic was inspired by a video user Instagram, encouraging active users to remove related videos. In your video to Instagram Mishka sends on the popular movie “Shaw is there to think,” which was published by the user with the nickname bushe8.

The camera shows the broken road and a Billboard, and the voice saying: “I certainly wildly apologize, but Shaw is there to think, I don’t understand?!”.

Mishka urged social media users to remove the same videos that show the problems of the country.

We will remind, the leader of the block 95 has launched a creative flash mob.

As reported Know. ua, daughters and wife Mira of “95 Quarter” starred in the romantic photo shoot.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the Quarter showed 95 replacement Zelensky.


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